Hape Awarded Products for 1Q17

1. Mighty Mountain Mine scores a hat-trick

The Annual Toy Awards were embraced by all age groups at its opening ceremony at the Nuremberg Toy Show, the world's largest annual toy show, on February 1st, 2017.  Hape’s Mighty Mountain Mine shut out 635 competing candidate products to win the Toy Gold Award in the “Preschool Group”, despite the international jury’s strict selection.

A good toy is edutainment (educational entertainment) and international, and the Mighty Mountain Mine meets children’s and parent’s needs in various ways thanks to its delicate design and consummate craft.

Mighty Mountain Mine also won the Best New Toy in the wooden toy category at the 2017 British London Toy Show, and was awarded the Educational Toy of the Year prize by The Australian Toy Association at the Melbourne Toy Fair on March 4th, completing the toy’s hat-trick of prestigious prizes won so far this year.

2. Xcellerator wins bronze at the Mumii Family Awards

As the strictest judges, mothers try to make the best choices for their babies not only when it comes to eating and drinking, but also in terms of play and daily activities. Therefore, with the recognition of thousands of mothers behind them, our children’s products are deserving of trust. Recently, a famous British maternity magazine named Mumii revealed their annual children products list, a comprehensive inventory that includes books, food, toys, games, gifts and other kinds of products. Hape’s Xcelleratorwon bronze in the Best Children's Toy category.

( What Mumii had to say about Xcellerator: “Hape’s Quadrilla marble run rack is a wooden marble run construction system of high quality, which provides endless fun to families. It is a perfect gift to others. For children, it offers endless possibilities for creating and building, and encourages their spatial thinking and problem solving abilities.”)


Link for further reading: https://www.mumii.co.uk/familyawards

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