Hape Awarded Products for 4Q16

1. Four Hape products feature in Purdue University’s Engineering Gift Guide

On November 3rd, a piece of news reached us from America: four Hape items - Amazing Animal Alphabet, BLOCKS, Double Loop Railway Set and Space City - had featured in the Purdue University’s Engineering Gift Guide, receiving high praise.

The Engineering Gift Guide was published by the INSPIRE Institute of the Engineering Education College of Purdue University. The institute was established in 2006 and aims to improve children’s thinking abilities and develop their knowledge of engineering through play. Elizabeth Gajdzik, assistant director of INSPIRE, said the guide tries to balance the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning opportunities these toys provide with the fun that children typically look for.

The key to this kind of balance is STEAM (the added A stands for Art), which adds value and extraordinary design aesthetics and playfulness to function-oriented toys. Integrating the feedback from children in early education centres, INSPIRE’s researchers’ on-the-spot investigation, experiments and discussions with parents and engineers, make the Purdue University’s Engineering Gift Guide 2016 a definitive publication, which ultimately commended more than a hundred toys that help improve children aged 3 to 18’s engineering-based thinking, coding and designing. In this sense, it’s an honour that 4 Hape items were included in this list.

2. Space City Wins Two Awards The Chinese toy and game market has big potential.

The statistics released by the marketing research company Euromonitor shows that the gross retailing sales reached RMB 192.3 billion yuan (27.79 billion U.S. dollar) in 2015, which is up from RMB 71.7 yuan (10.36 billion U.S. dollar) billion in 2010. The average annual growth is up to 21.8% and the estimate for 2019 is over RMB 300 billion yuan (43.35 billion U.S. dollar).

Based on these promising statistics, the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (TJPA) will pay more attention to improve the quality of toys and to apply innovative technology. Since 2002, TJPA has held the Innovation & Star Products Contest every year, selecting innovative, high-quality products. The name of the contest has been changed to the TJPA Award Electing Campaign. The competition lasts three months, and the winner is chosen through a combination of primary appraise, industrial voting and the final selecting process of the judging panel. On 19th October 2016, the result was officially released, and Hape’s Space City won the Gold Medal at the 2016 TJPA Awards.

Additionally, Hape’s Space City won the most valuable award at the 2016 Innovative Products Award in Educational Toy Catalog at the award ceremony of CBME Awards.

Space City, a trendy STEAM toy with special design and an ingenious concept, not only allows children to learn the scientific principle of centripetal force, gravity and friction, master mathematics and practice their three-dimensional thinking abilities, but it also gives children a visually rich playing experience. Space City has gained the unanimous praises of experts and customers since its release.

Elsewhere, Hape’s My Little Railway Set and Double Loop Railway Set also won TJPA Awards.

3. Jungle Train Journey Set Wins American PAL Award

On 28th October, 2016, the American PAL Award winners were officially released, with Hape’s Jungle Train Journey Set winning an award. The target age group of the set is children aged over 18 months, which is a golden period for children’s development, especially when it comes to linguistic development. Along with the monkey captain who drives the train, children can guide his elephant and lion friends through an overgrown jungle. The game’s mysterious jungle setting will ignite your child’s imagination, encouraging them to create stories as they play.

To create the perfect Hape Rail construction, some knowledge of engineering and technology is required, and the set’s cute jungle animal characters and captivating train sounds add playfulness and artistic style to the overall playing experience.

The PAL awards place emphasis on the value of language learning, and the winning toys, games and books not only inspire children’s love of play but also stimulate and encourage child-parent and child-teacher communication and interaction.

4. Double Loop Railway Set Wins the Parenting Network’s Annual Innovative Awards

On 9th November, 2016, Parenting Network, a famous Chinese maternal website, officially released a list of Mother’s Choice award winners. Among them, Hape’s 80 Pcs Blocks entered into the Top 10 toys in the baby care & children toys category, and the Double Loop Railway Set won the 2016 Annual Innovative Award.

Mother’s Choice is the Parenting Network’s annual mother & baby products electing campaign. By collecting the purchasing statistics from mothers, it provides reliable guidance for new mothers interested in buying mother & baby products. In the 2016’s list - after voting from over ten thousand mothers - Hape’s Count and Spell Blocks, 80pcs, with its exquisite craft and environmental friendly materials, received high praise from mothers, entering into the Top 10 toys in the baby cares & children toys category.

Meanwhile, maternal & child experts such as national senior nursery teachers, professional infant & mother media and paediatricians were invited by Parenting Network to recommend mother & baby products. With multiple accessories included, such as a suspension bridge, a tunnel and a railway station, Hape’s Double Loop Railway Set is especially designed for children aged three years up. The set also includes two trains and a magnetic crane that ignites children’s imagination and improves children’s manipulative abilities and creativity. For these reasons, Hape’s Double Loop Railway Set comes highly recommended by experts, and duly won the Mother’s Choice 2016 Annual Innovative Award.

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