Robot Sort & Stand Up Puzzle

Item Number: E0446
Age: 18+ Months

Finish the puzzle with these silly robots then stand them up for pretended play using your robot know-how!

Use puzzle pieces to learn colors, shapes, and sorting skills.
Tell a friend about the different colors and shapes of the robots.
Which one is your favorite?
Reassemble the robot puzzle pieces into an entirely different robotic contraption.
Will you give it a name?

Product Details

Robot Sort & Stand Up Puzzle

Category Early Explorer
Main Materials Wood, Water based paint
Pieces 9
UPC 6943478015623
Product size L: 52.8, W: 52.8, H: 4.8cm
Package size L: 58.4, W: 15.2, H: 61cm

Product Features

1 Nine-piece robot themed puzzle

2 Unique stack and sort puzzle

3 Bright engaging kid-friendly graphics